Aesthetically Pleasing, Bro

It’s all too often undistinguishable what separates something which resonates with us and something that becomes instantly dispensable. The task of dissecting and deliberating over various forms of short literature in the last couple of weeks has been adhered to with a gusto propelling decisions through an uncoordinated set of rules and regulations; in theory, there should be a personally set manifesto implemented unto each piece, evenly distributed and equally administering. In reality, we create standards per literature.

The culmination of opinionated judgment can occur at any given interval. It sprouts from us in fury, in romance, in disgust, in pleasure: it appears as an acceptance or repeal. Beginning, middle or end, we feel the summation rise through us like a shrill, invigorated emotion – or a deepened, capricious burp. And in this, one must realise that nature should not be ignored. Our reactive ways may be pre-determined by an imprinted expectancy acquired from our literary tastes, despite not knowing exactly what those are. It is pertinently easy to pinpoint grammatical tendencies/efficiencies, approve of lexical outcomes and eye-catching phrases, or conventional/unconventional narratives etc. My particular draw to unconventional literature defying usual aesthetics may coincide with one, but tarnish the credibility in another.

In short, there’s all too many variables that need to be addressed or – unconventionally – repressed convincingly, to consider as a base layer fundamental for all incoming literature. I’ve found that, from my own studies of designated works, an unusual narrative voice to match oppositional content can be pulling; if I’m reviewing work of a daughter and mother’s strained relationship, I do not want to learn about experiences or events historically lending to that conclusion (traditionally), but perhaps a whole narrative of prospective outcomes futuristically. Why? I haven’t read anything similar – who has? Thinking outside the box can ultimately land you into it. Grab my attention. Make me burp. I’ll deal with the technical aspects later.


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