Mein Kampf

So, I wasn’t locked in despairing solitude for committing heinous national crime over – well, what some may consider – “a bad patch, a rough decade or so”, but damn I gave that significant other a run for his money as an emotionally estranged individual locked in despairing solitude over – well, what some may consider – “a bad patch, a rough decade or so”. Somebody once claimed I was self-deprecating. Heaven knows why.

Aside from my inability to accept my own failures, tendencies to fabricate that introspection into an external negativity through life’s accessories has somewhat superseded and – almost pervertedly, or pathetically – detracted myself from reality. It’s this detraction from reality, however, that bore the twin of its existence: detracting from normality. The conformities of one’s own life carefully can be dictated in one’s ability to stylize and produce, similar to my (your, perhaps) stylized productivity or lack of; here, I am assessing the affections to break normality and socially acceptable boundaries of general literature. Why must we strongly format books into a commonality, a mould of completion that refuses to totally go above and beyond? By contrast, film-making has digressed into technically advanced situations – think cut screens, think freeze frames, think hand-held ‘home-made’ camera styles – yet books remain black and white. In contextual analysis, why must we abstain from providing multiple interwoven narratives or, if we rarely do, appropriate a thematic or literal ending connecting all? Sure, our worlds become more complex, but by and large they are not greeted structurally to the same esteem. Ultra scarce cases, like Danielewski’s House of Leaves (sorry Chris, had to) combat and rally to my cry but, whilst accepted as intuitively ingenious works, are not administering a reactive revolution and popularizing a creative outlet spawning a much-sought original generation of contemporary writers. Are we not, in popular culture, diverging from singular outputs – think telephones, think books themselves – and greeting multi-media technology? For books, we don’t have to spend millions on complex interfaces; how about spending thoughts on complex formats. I’d refrain from calling me Mein Führerjust yet, but why not join a genuine movement possibility and simply challenge book conventions.


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